2 thoughts on “1st staff meeting in S. Sebastiano Po (Turin) 2015, November 20-22 – Cascina Caccia”

  1. Dear Colleagues,
    the leaving time for Cordoba is getting closer and closer and I’m really looking forward of having this great experience.
    Peak project is a good chance to increase our skill and innovate our teaching and learning approach. One of the most relevant topic of the project, you know, is the European Citizenship awareness and, as never before, it is really actual and full of significance. I hope that all of us will be able to take this chance and improve the way we live School, Students and Colleagues.
    Have a great experience

  2. Hi Antonio, Dear Colleagues,
    The group of 6 teachers from GRE “Rakovski” is ready for this great experience!
    I hope that we will have the great opportunity to share ideas and skills with our Italian and Spanish colleagues and have a nice stay in the beautiful town of Cordoba!

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